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On November 16, 2007 the third meeting of the Advisory Board of the Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative convened at 10:00 a.m. in the PSEA Building, William Penn room, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The remarks of Dr. Gail Levin, Executive Director of the Annenberg Foundation, opened the session. Dr. Levin lauded PAHSCI’s standards and goals as the Initiative strives to redefine school culture without sacrificing the passion and creativity of good teaching.


During the course of the meeting, data demonstrating the proficiency of the PAHSCI framework was introduced. A comparison analysis of the PSSA achievements of the PAHSCI schools versus the non-PAHSCI schools between 2004 and 2007 indicates a rate of improvement among the PAHSCI schools which surpasses that of the state in Reading and Math. It is fully expected that the ongoing studies of the PAHSCI model will substantiate the worth of providing teachers with a solid support system.


Principal Mike Reed, Literacy Coach Deb Hines, and Chemistry teacher Michelle Boor, all of Sci Tech High School, Harrisburg, shared the success story of the PAHSCI-Sci Tech partnership. Their presentation demonstrated the cohesive, nurturing, and collaborative environment that has pushed up

Sci Tech test scores. These PAHSCI participants, key to the implementation of the Initiative at their high school, impressed the Advisory Board members with the clear passion for their work and their staunch support of PAHSCI. The question was not, “Will there be a year four?” but “How are we going to make year four happen?”


Ellen Eisenberg, Executive Director of PAHSCI, presented a resolution which is to be used as a tool in support of statewide one-on-one instructional coaching, mentoring, and professional development. Meeting attendees were asked to express their commitment by reviewing the resolution with respect to language, ideas, and message. Ms. Eisenberg asked for feedback for a final resolution to be presented to legislators.


The next Advisory Board meeting is schedule for spring of 2008.