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PAHSCI held its latest statewide networking sessions at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania, from October 1 to October 2, 2007.  The sessions gathered over 150 PAHSCI coaches, administrators, mentors, and partners from around the state to collaborate in discussion and learning. On October 1, Foundations’ mentors presented and facilitated sessions centering on Coaching Classroom Management. On October 2, PAHSCI math coaches and PAHSCI literacy coaches convened separately. Math coaches enjoyed the opportunity to hear and work with Professor John Kerrigan of West Chester University as he presented on the topic of Engaging Students in Thinking and Communicating About Big Ideas in Secondary Mathematics. Foundations’ mentors and PAHSCI literacy coaches joined to present the agenda for literacy coaches, which included the topics of: Structured Networking: Idea Share, Strategies that Work with Adolescent Literature, Using Foldables to Support Literacy, the Content Literacy Study Group and Literature Circles in Content Classrooms.

In response to the Ticket Out the Door query: What Stood Out for You?, participants commented:

“The entire presentation was new and exciting – it was a fun way to transact with texts and demonstrate student knowledge.”

“…the utility and ingenuity that a foldable can unleash. Another great strategy.”

“…so many concrete strategies to teach math concepts with.”

“Professor Kerrigan’s excitement!”

“The presenters and panel were so enthusiastic! They also offered fabulous handouts and resources.”

 “The entire room was engaged in collegial dialogue!’


The PAHSCI Regional Networking Sessions, another opportunity for collegial engagement and learning, are on the calendar for December 11-13.