Bellwood-Antis Leadership Team presents at PSBA Convention PDF Print E-mail

by Diane Williams, Principal

 On October 4, 2007 the Bellwood-Antis Leadership Team, consisting of Superintendent Brian Toth, School Board President Donna Tyler, and High School administrators Diane Williams and Tom Otto, were graciously afforded the opportunity to speak at the PSBA annual convention held this year in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We focused on the topic of  Leading Change as we described our journey as participants in the Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative (PAHSCI), an initiative funded by the Annenberg Foundation. Sharing our power point presentation allowed us to also share our enthusiasm and support for the Initiative. As a PAHSCI participating district, Bellwood-Antis has experienced two years of successful implementation of onsite professional development, instructional strategies that engage learners, and the promotion of life-long learning communities.  

Addressing the convention members allowed us to familiarize those present with the efficacy of the PAHSCI coaching model. It is imperative that superintendents and school board members be informed of the data that the PAHSCI model reveals: student achievement is increased via strong instructional leadership and sustained professional growth.


State budget allocations as well as local financial support are critical elements that will ultimately decide the future of effective high school reform. We can no longer justify putting our children on the road of life in an outdated vehicle. It is the collective responsibility of all stakeholders involved to provide the necessary leadership to create an environment where all children can experience success.